Kainai Wellness Centre


Wellness Program is a community-based centre, with a therapeutic component offering client centered and trauma informed approaches to wellness that emphasize Siksikaitsitapiiyssini – Blackfoot Ways of Knowing and Being - which includes culture, traditions, and language, in all program areas. Programs include: the National Native Alcohol and Drug Program (NNADAP), Mental Health Program, Contracted Clinical Therapists, National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy, Honouring Life, Drug Utilization Prevention & Promotion Project, Crisis Intervention Unit, Prevention of Family Violence, Interagency, Brighter Futures Initiative, Indian Residential and Indian Day School Support Program and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

Inter-development Group:

To reduce duplication of services by promoting networking with the different agencies; to promote Holistic healing; to administer the Brighter Futures and Family Violence Initiatives; and to coordinate culturally sensitive projects that address family health and social issues.Wellness Phone Number: 403-737-3883 Crisis: 8:30am to 4:30pm,

Monday to Friday After hours, weekends, and holidays call either the Crisis Line at 403-894-7002 or the Blood Tribe Police at 403-737-3800