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The BTDH was incorporated in 1983 under formally Canada Corporations Act now Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of elected and appointed directors as follows:

  • Three Directors (“Class B”) who are members of the Blood Tribe Council appointed by the Council for a term coinciding to the term of this office;
  • Three Directors (“Class A”) who are members of the Blood Tribe elected to represent members of the Blood Indian Reserve for a term of 4 years; and
  • One Director who is appointed by the Board for a term of approximately 1 year.


Board of Directors
  • Martin Heavy Head, Chairperson
  • Charles Weasel Head, Vice Chairperson
  • Marcel Weasel Head, Secretary Treasure
  • Gloria Chief Moon
  • Geraldine Eagle Speaker
  • Rod First Rider
  • Kyla Crow