The BTDH was incorporated in 1983 under formally Canada Corporations Act now Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of elected and appointed directors as follows:

  • Three Directors (“Class B”) who are members of the Blood Tribe Council appointed by the Council for a term coinciding to the term of this office;
  • Three Directors (“Class A”) who are members of the Blood Tribe elected to represent members of the Blood Indian Reserve for a term of 4 years; and
  • One Director who is appointed by the Board for a term of approximately 1 year.


Board of Directors
Martin Heavy Head, Chairperson
Adelaide Creighton, Vice Chairperson
Marcel Weasel Head, Secretary Treasure
Gloria Chief Moon, Board of Director    
Charles Weasel Head, Board of Director
Kyla Crow, Board of Director
Teresa White Quills-Knife, Board of Director
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