Facilities Operations


Facilities Operations

The Facilities Operations Department continued the overall vital role of working towards providing a safe and comfortable environment for Residents, Visitors and Staff to the Six Health facilities.  Facilities Operations perform engineering/maintenance and security duties for the Kainai Continuing Care Centre, Community Health Services, Health Centre, Emergency Medical Services, Kainai Wellness Centre and Lavern Clinic facilities in consistent with preventative maintenance measures.  A Certified 5th Class engineer with the Alberta Boilers Safety Association Provides direction of services to 26 staff members.


Engineering / Maintenance

Josh Weasel Head, Director of Facilities Operations

The Facilities Operations Department plays a key role in maintaining and maintenance of our 3 , B.T.D.H infrastructures ,such as repairing and renovating office rooms . Maintenance continues to do daily logs and preventive maintenance to our HVAC System   ( Heating  Ventilation and Air Conditioning ) also  Boilers, Generators , glycol pumps .We maintain the  exterior by removing snow , landscaping and beautifying B.T.D.H exterior . Maintenance work 8: oo am to 4:00 PM 365 days a year and we are on call      24/7 365 days a year



Under the supervision of the Director of Facilities Operations the incumbent will be responsible for the regular security task of the Blood Tribe Department of Health facilities as outlined in the job duties and responsibilities.

 Facilities Development

Security has new safety systems that have been added to the BTDH facilities.


  1. Video Central Monitoring System

The three (KCCC, Community Health Services, Health Centre) core BTDH facilities have recently become upgraded with installation of new cameras Monitoring System.  The new system can track, monitor and record activities 24/7 digitally with 33 total cameras located to the interior and exterior of facilities.  A 24hr monitoring station is centrally located in the KCCC Security office where staff can respond instantly to any safety incidents.

  1. Card Access Control System

An additional feature added to safety control is a Card Access system to regulate access through specific doors of secured areas.  By using card access control, it limits the number of unauthorized people (parties) from roaming halls or gaining access to rooms that hold specific items for that facility (such as pharmaceutical drugs and/or equipment).  Schedules can be created to lock/unlock doors for specific cards.

Presently, all BTDH staff has been assigned individual cards to accommodate access control for the various departments within.  Summarily, the BTDH Facilities Operations Dept. continues abreast of safety measurement ideas and equipment brought to us by the constant developments in technology.


Housekeeping Department

The following is the Mission Statement of the Housekeeping Department:

The Mission of the Kainai Continuing Care Centre Environmental Services is to provide, in a caring fashion, a cheerful, considerate and safe environment responsive to the needs of the whole person.

Housekeeping Department Objectives

The main purpose of the Kainai Continuing Care Centre Laundry, Linen and Housekeeping Services is to provide these services to patients, residents and staff.

The services will be accomplished through specific programs, philosophy, purposes, goals and objectives established by the Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor in collaboration with the Environmental Services staff and administration.


Tamara Tailfeathers Housekeeper/Laundry Supervisor provides housekeeping and laundry services for the facility to ensure a clean, safe and comfortable environment for the residents and staff.  Employees supervised include three full-time housekeepers and five casual housekeepers for the Dept. of Health.


  • To create a clean and germ-free environment that will minimize the spread of infection.
  • To create a safe working environment.
  • To create an atmosphere of cleanliness which shall reflect high standards

Housekeeping Services

SUMMARY- The following is taken from “Quality Care Standards” and is the foundation for the operation of the Housekeeping Department.

PRINCIPLE- Each resident of a facility is to benefit from a housekeeping – service committed to creating a safe and appealing environment which supports quality of life for residents.

Standard 1 – Organized Department

The Housekeeping Department is to be an organized service which maintains a clean, sanitary, hazard-free and attractive environment through the regular, routine and special cleaning of all areas of the facility.