Kottakinoona Awaahkapiiyaawa: Bringing the Spirit Home Detox Program

Call your spirit back. Contact us today: 1-403-737-8600

A person living with addiction may experience many challenges including a loss of or disconnect from their spirit. By implementing this framework as a start to addressing addiction within the Blood Tribe community, we are committed to inviting the sprits of those living with addiction back to the community and back to the person. We also acknowledge the spirits of those who have lost their lives to addiction in the past.

Kiistoonoon (About Us)

The Bringing the Spirit Home (BTSH) program provides hope for those who are fighting drug and/or alcohol addiction. Alongside a team of medical professionals, paramedics, counsellors, peer support workers and elders, the client’s path to recovery is carefully monitored based on their individual needs. Every effort will be made to remove barriers to accessing services.

Daily Cultural Group Sessions

Clients participate in all daily group sessions unless in active withdrawal. Sessions include: history of the Blackfoot, Residential School, Intergenerational Trauma, face painting, Iiniskim transfers, traditional names, traditional medicines, substances of misuse, physical and mental health education, and crafting. During the spring and summer months, programs includes cultural site visits, sweetgrass and sage picking, sweat lodges, and tipi raising


Bringing the Spirit Home is located on the Blood Reserve in traditional Blackfoot Territory. The facilities are within the Blood Tribe Department of Health, and is separated from other BTDH programs and services to provide privacy to those accessing BTSH.

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Call Your Spirit Back

Call 403-737-8600 to speak with a Blood Tribe Paramedic. You or your loved one will be asked to provide name, Treaty Status Number, substance(s) of misuse and contact information.

Clients/participants must call by 8:00 a.m. to check in. If there are beds available, BTSH will accept the first caller(s) at 8:00 a.m. each day.

Priority access is provided to prenatal clients/particpants.

The standard detox period is 3-10 Days; this will vary with each treatment facility as all treatment centers have their own admission requirements.The client’s immediate physical symptoms are treated according to the Medical Control Guidelines for a period of 7 days. During this time, the Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infection Services (STBBI) nurse will provide testing and treatment. The medical team will connect the individual to a general practitioner. Individuals who do not wish to attend a treatment center will be permitted access to BTSH services for 10 days. Individuals who are attending BTSH for Relapse Prevention are permitted to access services for 10 days.

There is no cost to attend Bringing the Spirit Home. Meals and snacks are provided by Blood Tribe Department of Health Nutritional Services. Basic hygiene products are available, and you are welcome to bring your own. Any product with an alcohol content or aerosols of any kind will not be permitted. Nail polish and nail polish remover are not permitted. Clients are permitted one medium bag. BTSH Detox cannot store luggage. Cellphones and/or electronic devices are not permitted. Please refrain from bringing large amounts of cash. For more information, please contact our BTSH team at 403-737-8600.

Within 10 Days, the client will work with the Case Manager to create a treatment plan, relapse prevention plan, and submit treatment applications to at least 3 treatment facilities.

Once application is submitted, it may take approximately 18 days to 3 months to obtain a treatment date. Clients must attend the first treatment facility that provides a treatment date. Clients may remain in detox program until treatment date, within a reasonable timeframe.

BTSH partners with Kainai Transition Center Society for aftercare/transition services. BTSH Case Managers will make every effort to refer to external aftercare facilities should space be limited with Kainai Transition Center Society. Please visit ktcsbloodtribe.com for more information