The Blood Tribe/Kainai is located in southern Alberta on the Blood Indian Reserve. It boasts 549.7 square miles for its base, with agriculture as the primary industry as well as gemstone mining, house construction, oil and gas development and small business and tourism. The tribe has a population of approximately 12,800 (2015) members including both on reserve and off reserve.


To improve, promote, and deliver accredited Health Services on the Blood Reserve and support Chief and Council in ensuring the protection of treaty health rights.


Listen to audio files pronouncing each Blackfoot word depicting each Value: 

Aa-ko-mimh-taan (love and respect) Aa-tsim-mapi (sacredness) Aa-tsi-moi-hkaani (prayer)
Ain-no-ko-wa in-nahk-ko-tsii-sin (to have respect) Ai-stam-mat-stohk-sin (teaching) Kim-ma-pii-pit-sinni (kindness)
Ah-saps-sinni (generosity) Is-pom-m-tsi-sinni (giving and sharing) Kii-tomh-pii-po-to-koi (responsibility)
Is-tsi-sinni (listening) Mo-ka-kioh-sinni (wisdom) Ii-ka-ki-maani (perserverance)
Mo-ka-mi-tap-sinni (truth) Ik-ki-na-pi-tapi-sinni (gentleness)