Non-Insured Health Benefits

Gerri Eagle Speeker
Geraldine Eagle Speaker /Director
The NIHB program pays for drugs that are currently on the Drug Benefits List. Dental, Medical Supplies & Equipment, Medical Transportation and Health Premiums are covered subject to policies and description of benefits. All recipients must be enrolled members as per Indian Act before they can access benefits.
Medical Transportation
Medical Transportation operates out of its own department on site within the Health Centre. The Crisis Intervention is amalgamated with counseling programs at the Kainai Wellness Centre. As Director of NIHB, Gerri advocates for band members’ health needs when their claims for NIHB services are rejected. She collaborates with all departments within the health organization, entities as well as other health facilities locally, regionally and territorial. Gerri is updated with current issues regarding NIHB by attending Sub-Committee meetings with Dental, MTAC (Medical Transportation Advisory Committee in Edmonton and wherever meetings related to her program are held.