Kainai Continuing Care Centre

Vision Statement

“Kainai Continuing Care Centre will be a licensed healing place at the centre of the community providing comprehensive health services in a culturally sensitive environment interconnected with all agencies.”

Management and Administration Services

Director  Crystal Day Chief

provides leadership, and promotes professional and efficient delivery of services to support the resident’s quality of life. Under the direct supervision of the Director of Health Services include:

Administrative Assistant and Receptionist-provide administrative support services for the facility.

Kainai Continuing Care Centre is a continuing care facility providing long term care accommodation and health services for 25 residents who have complex care needs and who are unable to remain at home. It is in operation 24 hours 7 days per week basis and employs about 60 staff. The following categories apply:

  • 21 Extended Care Beds
  • 2 Respite Care Beds
  • 2 Palliative Care Beds

Admission Process:
For the prospective resident:

  • Contact the Chairperson, Assessment & Placement Committee at 403-737-3652
  • Referral to Kainai Home and Community Care, Home Care Coordinator for assessment
  • Case is sent to Assessment and Placement Committee for decision
  • Wait Listed
  • Prospective Resident contacted

Management and Administration Services
The Director of Health Services provides leadership, and promotes professional and efficient delivery of services to support the resident’s quality of life. Under the direct supervision of the Director of Health Services include:

  • Administrative Assistant and Receptionist – provide administrative support services for the facility.

Accommodation Services

  • Ensures that the residents living conditions are environmentally safe and comfortable
  • Ensures that meals are nutritious and meet Canada’s Food Guide
  • Ensures that Resident rooms and common areas are clean on a routine basis
  • Ensures that criminal checks are completed upon hiring of new employees and volunteers

Physical Environment/Safety Services
Facility Operations includes an Engineer, Maintenance and Security who are responsible for:

  • Fire Safety
  • Maintenance of Property – Building and Grounds
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Pleasant & Comfortable Environment
  • Inspection & maintenance of facility equipment and safety system

Hospitality Services
Meal Services is the planning, preparation and storage, and serving of foods and fluids for the facility. Staffing includes:

  • Nutrition & Food Services Supervisor
  • Cooks
  • Food Service Helper
  • Food Service Cashier

Housekeeping/Laundry & Linen Services
ensures that a clean, safe, and comfortable environment is provided for residents, employees, volunteers, and visitors
ensures that clean and fresh linen and are in good condition, dry, and sanitary.

Health Services

  • Ensures that residents’ needs are addressed through standardized assessments, care planning, and care coordination is completed
  • Ensures that the residents/ families receive client -centred care through their active participation in individual’s assessment and care planning
  • Ensures that quality improvement is the focus at the care level and operational level

Health Information Management

  • Collects, records, reviews and manages health information. The individual safeguards the integrity, privacy and confidentiality of the personal health information. Completes audits on health records for quality improvement purposes.

Medical Social Worker

  • Assists individuals, and families develop the skills and resources they need to enhance their social functioning and social environments. Responsible for the coordination of admission and annual case conferencing.

Therapeutic Services

  • Dietitian develops implements and evaluates food and nutrition strategies to promote health and treat disease; manage food service systems; and develop and deliver related programs and policies. Position is contracted through the Chinook Health.
  • Recreation Therapist works with residents who have illnesses and disabling conditions to improve their health and quality of life through leisure and recreation. Recreation activities include bowling, walking, crafts, and bingo. Spiritual needs are met on a weekly basis by offering a Catholic Mass every Wednesday and cultural practices are encouraged.
  • Occupational Therapist enables people who experience obstacles (due to impairment of body structure, a change in function, or barriers in the social and physical environment) to participate in the activities of everyday life.
  • Physiotherapist help patients improve and maintain their physical performance and ability to function independently; prevent and manage pain, physical impairments, disabilities and limits to participation; and promote fitness, health and wellness.

Nursing Services
Nursing Unit Manager is responsible for Long Term Care; coordinates and integrates continuing care health services; and facilitates continuity of health care services. Supervises the following:

  • Unit Clerk who is responsible for reception, clerical and administrative tasks at the nursing station on the long term care unit.
  • Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are responsible for the resident care on a 24 hour 7 day per week schedule. The Nurse –In- Charge administers medication, provide physical assessments, monitor blood glucose levels, assess skin for wound management, and provide overall well being of the resident.
  • Personal Care Assistants are responsible for the personal care of the resident that includes bathing, grooming (mouth care, nail care, shaving), dressing, feeding, and assisting in bathroom routines.

Physician Services
Residents are under the care of a licensed physician who diagnoses and treat patients’ diseases, physiological and psychiatric disorders, injure and other health related problems. The Blood Tribe Clinic Physicians provide medical services to the residents.

Pharmacy Services
Contract services are with the Blood Tribe Pharmacy who provides services and programs that are designed to promote health and well-being, and treat disease and other disorders through drug therapy, wellness promotion and disease state management.