Human Resources

Mike Frank Director of Operations (HR & Communications)
The human resources dept is two fold. It provides functional assistance to all department directors related to central personnel records function, assisting with recruitment, organizational orientation, tracking personnel holidays, and other benefits, and ensuring that the Blood Tribe Department of Health is fully aware of all applicable legislation and best methods to create a healthy environment for its staff. In addition, the HR/Communications department is responsible for overseeing the creation of a positive image of the organization to the media, clients, shareholders, and the general public. This is a supervisory position, with the requirement of strategic planning. The Director of Operations issues press releases, articles and online communications, and coordinate media interaction. This individual directs the development of organizations publications, including shareholder materials.

Please direct all inquires to:

(403) 737-8407

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Human Resources Assistant

Stacie Ironshirt
Assists with the tracking of departmental and company measurements that support the accomplishment of the company’s strategic goals. Prepares and maintains reports that are necessary to carry out the functions of the Human Resources department. Prepares ongoing reports for management also Participates in administrative staff meetings and attends other meetings and seminars as necessary and to represent the Blood Tribe Department of Health. Maintains the HR database and generates scheduled or requested reports to assist management. Updates employee phone directory and company organization chart. Maintains a database of employee contact information.