Cecilia Black Water /Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer provides overall direction to the Blood Tribe Department of Health, ensuring that Board directives, policies and initiatives are implemented and operational throughout the organization.

Office Manager

Shannon Day Chief-Weasel Head

The Office Manager provides efficient, effective and timely services to ensure quality support for the CEO and Board of Directors.

The Office Manager ensures the delivery of quality initiatives in the Integrated Quality Management Framework (IQMF) with the support of an Administrative Assistant.


Derrick Fox

Manage the financial services for the BTDH in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Practices.

Human Resources

Kevin Pidwerbeski

The Human Resource Department empowers employees to fully understand the principles, from which the Blood Tribe Department of Health Inc. operates to implement fair and effective policies, maintain a safe and healthy work environment and ensure quality in employees’ roles and responsibilities.