Professional Services

Cardston Clinic Provides day clinic services (Currently under construction)

Clinical Care Coordinator Provides program development, improvement and clinical expertise to the clinic setting utilizing significant program and development expertise. Targets and resolves patient volume problems using skills to improve patient flow with patient and staff input. Clinical Care Coordinator will promote health services that will combat chronic diseases through various links and support groups.

Health Records Services

Health Records and Reception are situated in the same area in order to provide a more efficient service to the patient and physician. Health Records contain files of patients for the physicians; dentist, optometrist and physiotherapist. The records are fully computerized with physician files being maintained in a centralized area. The staff consists of a Health Records Technician and clerical support staff.

Blood Tribe Pharmacy

The Pharmacy is licensed under the Alberta Pharmaceutical Act as Blood Tribe Pharmacy and managed by Tim Tail Feathers, a Blood Tribe member. The pharmacy dispenses drugs, maintains patient medical profiles, and provides additional services on an on demand basis. It also provides services to the residents at the Kainai Continuing Care Centre. It also fills medical dossettes, delivery of drugs, and obtaining supplies for the Aides to Dail Living program. The staff consist a Pharmacist and pharmacy aides.


The Physiotherapy Program has been in operation since September of 1989. The physiotherapist performs a variety of physical therapy evaluations (i.e. orthopedic, cardio-respiratory and neurology) and treatment upon referral of a physician. Along with the treatment, the physiotherapist provides education and management of movement dysfunction in people. The staff consists of a Physiotherapist.

Dental Clinic

The Dental clinic has been in operation since September 1987. A full range of services includes examination, x-rays, cleaning, fluoride application, fitting, extraction, root canal treatment, crown and bridge treatments and denture construction. A dental program is available for children attending reserve schools, pending consent of parents/guardians. Referrals are made for patients requiring specialized treatment. The staff consists of dentist and three dental assistants.

Coverage for dental services is determined on an individual basis, taking into consideration the current oral health status, past client history, accumulated scientific research and availability of treatment alternatives.
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Dr. Becky Baer

Does a wide array of dental care including extractions, crowns, root canals, etc. She works with patients requiring her services with dentures (partial or full), with children requiring dental treatments. Dr. Baer works closely with the local schools throughout the school year to provide dental care to the students. Preventative is provided to the patients with the support of three dental assistants.

Dental Assistants

Provide a variety of patient care, office and dental laboratory duties. The Dental Assistants will obtain dental records ensuring that all information is current and accurate. They assist the Dentist chair-side using their expertise with procedures and patient comfort.

The Dental Assistants sterilize and disinfect instruments, prepare trays for dental procedures and instruct patients regarding dental procedures. Also work with patients on post-operative and general oral health care.

The Dental Clinic works closely with the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program. NIHB from First Nations and Inuit Health Branch pays for all dental work and treatments on the Dental Benefit List.

The NIHB Director advocates on behalf of patients who have been rejected for health benefits by appealing, using the three level of the Appeal process.